My Reading List

Swimming Against the Stream
– Tim Waterstone

Great read- you’re going to need intuition, gut instinct and plenty of passion to succesfully swim in today’s business world.

The Infinite Game
– Simon Sinek

Spotted a recommendation for this in the latest IoD Director magazine and picked up a copy straightway. It’s very readable, especially if you’re already on a path leading away from traditional business models. Sinek describes himself simply as an optimist on the back cover – yes he undoubtedly is that but offers so much more to the reader prepared to think differently and ditch the short termism at the heart of so many of our current economic woes

The Five Dysfunctions of A Team – Patrick Lencioni

As Lencioni himself says in the intro, ‘teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage and yet it is so rare’. Do yourselves a favour, read this gem of a book and get the issue higher up your agenda where it undoubtedly belongs

Why I Write – George Orwell

This is a little gem of a book full of pertinent comments on language and thought. Orwell remains very relevant to us all today – just consider this recent quote from The Times on Davos 2019. “Soros launched an attack on China, declaring Beijing is developing a surveillance state ‘the likes of which not even George Orwell could have imagined’.”