Barnhill Consulting: Building better business

Barnhill Consulting is the culmination of my experience over the last 20 years of working with business leaders to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Connected and grounded, I deliver coaching to chief executives, directors, managers and their teams across the North West and North Wales. I have a solid business background and extensive export management experience in European, North American and Middle Eastern countries. Alongside that, I have corporate and executive coaching accreditation which creates a unique offering of real-life experience and academic qualifications. Using my hybrid approach, I have the tenacity, pragmatism and instinct to create success in pretty much any set of market circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for top line improvement or someone to help you embed a robust and yet flexible mindset within your leadership team, I can help. Instilling an empathic and coaching style of leadership is today arguably the single most effective way of building sustainable competitive advantage. Add to that, the resilience which comes from having the ability to deal with rapid and far-reaching change, and you surely have a winning formula to future-proof your business.

So, if you are leading a business and you would like to know if I can help, then I’d be delighted to hear from you.