Over the years, I have worked with many companies and helped them significantly grow their businesses. Here are just a few of the companies I have worked with recently.

Acting as Coach, Mentor and Interim Sales Director, Jeff helped the business double production and develop in the UK and major European markets from £0.5m – £10m over a period of approximately seven years, with the acquisition of four new major market-leading clients. In terms of production area, the business grew from a 500m2 footprint in 2003 to an interim site of 1500 m2 in 2010, which has now developed into today’s site of 15000 m2. The business is now under new ownership and well on track to be trading on a truly global scale at around £50m pa by 2028.

“Jeff was instrumental in helping the business in two main ways, by bringing in new clients such as Waitrose in the UK and Fressnapf in Dusseldorf, but also in opening doors to market-leading organisations such as Pets at Home and Wagg. This was brought about by a mixture of marketing acumen and direct sales ability at Managing Director or Chairman-level to open game-changing discussions, on which the business as a whole was able to capitalise fully.”

Graham Wheeler, Director of Product and Process at IPN Ltd, parent co of Real Petfood Co

Jeff started to work with Altimex in 2016 as a Growth Accelerator coach. Using tools such as the Orbit Single Page Plan and a variety of L&M techniques, he worked with the directors and management team to develop and implement the company’s Sales and Marketing strategy. This helped take the business from ca £250,000 to today’s level of £5m+. Jeff also joined the company as a non-exec for several years, to help the business during a period of board restructuring and key acquisitions/site moves, to develop market opportunities and ensure Altimex was in good trading shape for future growth.

“Jeff is a brilliant Sales & Marketing coach with many years of experience. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which is infectious, and makes it fun to learn, and easy to remember. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organising and bringing people together. His coaching style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough”

Davinder Singh Lotay – Owner & Managing Director at Altimex Ltd & MJ Lighting Technology Ltd

Providing a long-term coaching role within the business at C-suite and senior leadership team level across all departments, Jeff has helped the business grow from approx. £4.5m to ca £20m in just over a five-year period. Initially working closely with the sales teams around the UK, Jeff introduced proactive campaigns to gain more specification work with architects. Whilst encouraging the sales force to work as a team with full accountability and a collaborative spirit, motivation was increased massively, and healthy competition nurtured to take full advantage of the innovation skills lying at the heart of the business.

“Jeff is an exceptional coach. He has helped me and my board to truly change our mind set regarding what we can achieve with our business. By a process of listening, understanding and challenging, Jeff has motivated us to improve our systems throughout the entire company. “

Nick Roberts MD Polyroof Ltd, Roberts Group of Companies